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  1. I got accepted from the 10/19 interview today as well!
  2. Yes! At the info session they said there were still plenty of seats availalble.
  3. Does anyone know how many more interview sessions they plan on conducting?
  4. Thank you! I received an interview invite 9/28! I took most of my prereqs at my university but I didn't originally take anatomy and physiology during my undergrad so I took both of those courses at a community college.
  5. Got an interview invite and selected 12/15 as it was the only date with open spots. For those of you panicking about the rejection email...I also received the email AFTER I got an interview invite. So I wouldn't read into it!
  6. I got pulled off the interview waitlist to interview on 10/19! Can anyone who's interview offer some advice and give me an idea of the interview process/format?
  7. They confirmed in the seminar that they have interviewed and accepted seats for this cycle already.
  8. Last year they interviewed through March, so I'm sure they'll have a few more rounds!
  9. Excited to interview at the morning session on 11/8! Does anyone know how many seats are still available? This is one of my top programs!
  10. Congratulations! How exciting! Do you mind sharing how many are in the Facebook group currently? Also, does anyone know how many more interviews they will be conducting?
  11. Sorry to hear that...I got an email that I'm waitlisted. Fingers crossed that there's movement on the waitlist!!!
  12. Anyone heard anything from the second interview session?? Still waiting to hear back from the first haha.
  13. Well it's only 1 person that we know of. If I counted correctly, there are 5 others that should have interviewed on 7/17 that aren't accounted for so they could have all been accepted as well. It would seem strange to me that they would accept one person at a different time than others. I would think that those who were accepted have already received their acceptances. I'm wondering if they accepted a few and are waiting to see how the next interview session goes to see if they are going to accept more? I'm really hopeful that more of us from the first session will be accepted though. This pro
  14. I haven't done so yet. I'll probably give it another week until I do. I'll reach out just before the second round of interviews I think.
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