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  1. @Tev2009 $32,000 difference, roughly... Faulkner being the cheapest. I haven't given up any spot, yet, and will have to solidify my spot at South to ensure I have a seat in a program before July accreditation happens for Faulkner. July is the golden month... it will allow me to move things along so I can hopefully open up a spot for someone for either school!!!
  2. @Tev2009 Ill be transparent, doesn't bother me.... It's South College in Nashville that I received a spot for. I do like their program... their website is very thorough with expectations, curriculum outlook, and what they stand for. It is a very veteran-affiliated school... professors are ex-military and they have a huge incentive for prospective students with GI bill to get into their program. I am not military affiliated, which is one downside for me only because I may feel out of place the whole time. I would not have to break my lease and I can throw a rock and hit the school from my back porch. But, South is also more expensive and rotations can be upto 50-75 miles outside Nashville.
  3. @mands I have to decide by May 27th. I am going to go ahead and put down the deposit for other school and see more of what Faulkner has to offer by way of communication. Thank you for the advice!!! It means a lot
  4. You guys! I want to meet you all and get a better feel of the program... I was just informed I was called off the waitlist at another program that i've had two previous interviews at, so I know what I'd be getting myself into.... But, for some unexplainable reason I am really drawn to Faulkner w/o ever having been on campus or getting to know faculty.... and Im torn!!! I just get a better "sense" of community from Faulkner. Are you guys curious about clinical rotations?? Do we know how many faculty are on staff? Will there be a Capstone research project? So many Q's!!
  5. Update: I just received a call that I was pulled off the waitlist to fill a spot!
  6. I worked way too hard this cycle to not try and apply to other schools just in case, so I am going to re-apply. I am signed up to take the at home GRE June 13th because last time I took it was 6 years ago. @Mocarr78 they mentioned if you did not hear anything back, you are put on the waitlist.... they will not be rejecting anyone, so that's good news! That's awesome that you have been accepted, isnt the greatest feeling?!
  7. I have actually never been as I am from Nashville. I was thinking about taking a day trip down there maybe this weekend.
  8. @EMM2020 haha... yes that was the sound of excitement. This is my 3rd application cycle and i'll be turning 30 this year and my life just changed with this phone call. Can't believe it's real. I really want to meet all of the potential classmates, I hope it feels like family.
  9. I want to say that it may transition to an online format for the beginning but that is speculation.
  10. Received the "Top 75" email as well. I'm giddy. I sure hope for some good newsssss.
  11. I also received the generic "under review" email.... hey, keep your head up everybody! We truly have no clue how this process is gonna go down... a whole lot of people to sift through. I just hope they at least tell us something before the next cycle opens.
  12. Yes, you will have success in getting interviews based solely on those stats. I had similar stats. applied to about the same amount of schools, and have been trying to two years now. Each year, I have received at least three interviews. Rock on!
  13. @Kamelia This past cycle I applied having my biology courses older than 5, I still received an interview. Let your other stats and personal statement shine.... it's worth applying! I also saw on CASPA (dont quote me, yet) that they are foregoing the need for the GRE.
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