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  1. Did they email saying you were waitlisted? does anyone know when they will email regarding everyone else? -thank you
  2. Hey! I just called they said they don’t disclose that but they will be sending emails all throughout the entire month of March just to be patient. Best of luck to everyone!
  3. I feel the same way. I really appreciate you sharing! Do you feel they'll have another meeting first week of March? If so do you mind sending location and time
  4. Wow! So nerve-wracking! Do you mind sharing what you learned at the PA club hour if anything worth sharing? Goodluck to everyone!
  5. My heart is constantly dropping lol! The same thing happened to me but with another school's application. Im wondering if they have waves of acceptances, one in February and one in March or if acceptances come in between that time span.
  6. Hi everyone! Hope this all finds you well. Anxiously waiting for response on application updates. Has anyone been called for an interview yet?
  7. Question! I emailed about 3 weeks ago for an update on my application and Katie responded asking if I had any more additional hours to provide. I am not sure if this is a red flag. If I should follow up with an email? Any advice?
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