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  1. Hi! Anyone who has interviewed? Any tips? Was it one on one or in a group?
  2. Hi! Does anyone know if the class is full yet or any upcoming interviews?
  3. Hi everyone! Curious to know if anyone has gotten rejection letters or waitlisted information? Also if the class is full yet? Best of luck to everyone and congrats to the accepted!!
  4. Hi everyone! Has anyone received notice if they have been waitlisted or not? also is the class full?
  5. I haven’t heard back yet! Anyone received rejection letters yet?
  6. @Mocarr78 Mind sharing which email they responded to? They never get back to me , calls either
  7. Hey everyone! Hope you are all safe! it's two days past the closing of CASPA and I have not gotten a rejection letter from LIU. -is anyone else in this boat?
  8. I appreciate this greatly, thank you very much! It certainly hurts when you feel you've had all the above, which is why i looked maybe it was stats?
  9. Hi there! I am currently a senior and I am debating what to do in a gap year before applying to PA school. I received two rejections so far. I gradaute this May (august now due to corona). I am a bit lost on what my next move should be. Do you feel I need to raise my gpa (a post bacc) or anything at all? GPA: 3.61 sGPA: 3.54 PCE: 500 Shadowing: 200
  10. @maxi26 Do you mind sharing your stats? I also received rejection however no interview
  11. @Beccalpa congrats!!! Who did you end up emailing if you don’t mind me asking?
  12. I’ve tried calling but failed to get any response from them. Anyone who was reapplying this year, I’m curious to know if CASPA allows you to work on your old application or do you input everything all over again?
  13. @Mhaverly literally waiting from all. At this point I’m not even sure what to do
  14. @UpAndComingPA Thank you! I emailed as well, thought it was a good sign but not so sure
  15. Hey everyone! Super random but did anyone get an email about their financial aid eligibility for LIU today but havent heard back about their PA admission or not???
  16. @AhuvaGross21Congratulations!!!! do you mind sharing your stats? still waiting on hearing back
  17. I am also still waiting. Worried I may not have enough hours. Does anyone know if it’s better to be a CNA vs. a phlebotomist for a year to work on that or is it equal in experience praying for all
  18. Hey everyone! I was curious to know if the pa hours tomorrow from 12:30 to 1:30 was still happening with the whole corona situation? any info helps I would love to attend
  19. Does anyone know which provides better HCE and PCE: CNA vs. phlebotomy tech? or if equal? Thank you
  20. Congratulations to everyone who has received interviews! Im curious to know if they are still interviewing? Still waiting sadly
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