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  1. Update: I turned down the job. I really appreciate all your thoughts! Residency isn't an option for me due to location (there are only a few psych residencies in the entire country and none where I live) but my psych preceptors have both assured me that a new grad can do just fine in psych without a residency as long as there is adequate supervision (which I agree with you all that this position did not really have). There definitely seems to be a need for more mental health providers so I'm not too worried about finding a better fit! @PsychiatricPA thanks so much for sharing your experience, I may DM you to ask a few more questions if that's okay
  2. Thanks everyone for your thoughts! I understand what you all are saying and totally agree with you. I shared my concerns with the doc and he said a couple things: 1) There will be another (experienced) psych PA at the location, just not a supervising physician. 2) Apparently this practice has a policy where ALL patients see a licensed mental health counselor first, and the counselor does the long initial history/eval and assigns the diagnoses. The PAs don't do any coding at all. Basically, the PAs don't actually diagnose the patients, they just manage their psychiatric medications based on the previously-assigned diagnosis. He seemed to think this made the role more doable for a new grad. Kind of an odd set up, I know. Curious what you all think of that approach. For what it's worth, I'm still leaning toward looking elsewhere.
  3. I definitely agree! I did 2 psych rotations as well but it's still not enough. The doc tried to reassure me that he really is available 24/7 to answer all my questions by phone, but I totally get what you're saying that it's not the same as on-site supervision. Will definitely have to think about this That's a good idea! And yes, a small percentage of their patients are MAT / buprenorphine patients, so I would be doing a bit of that
  4. Hey all! I'm a new grad and I've always wanted to go into psych. I got an outpatient psych job offer that sounds great, but I just want to make sure I'm not making a mistake as a new grad. I would be working at an office location basically by myself, with my supervising physician never on-site but available by phone to answer any questions. Eventually they want me seeing 10-15 patients per day, but will start lower than that and ramp up. 45 minute initial evals, 15 min follow up appointments. My question is, do you think as a new grad I'll be okay basically being somewhat autonomous from the start? I'm a pretty motivated self-learner, but I want to make sure I'm a good provider for my patients and won't be biting off more than I can chew, so to speak. Is psych one specialty where a new grad can get by without direct hands-on supervision? Any thoughts welcome!
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