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  1. I just wanted to let everyone know, there is a Facebook page for anyone who has been accepted into the NGU PA Medicine Class of 2022! Three of our classmates created it and they will need to add you. If you want to join the page, message me and we can make that happen!
  2. Hello! I am in a very similar boat to you except that I graduated a while ago and have accrued lots of PCE in the interim. I reached out to a school I was very interested in to see if it would be more beneficial to retake classes that I earned a C in or take new classes that might be more helpful in PA school (pharm or pathophysiology). The adcom at this particular school said that I should retake anything with a C first. I hope this helps you! Also, if you have a particular school in mind, I would recommend reaching out to them as every program is different.
  3. I believe they are the same thing, just different terminology.
  4. I was also placed on the alternate list. It's time like these that help you realize just how badly you want something. So, I'm going to remain hopeful!! We are in this together, you guys!
  5. I also haven't heard anything but I was in the interview today, August 28th. However, I do want to say CONGRATULATIONS to @MorganLong!!!! That is super exciting and I'm sure it felt so relieving to hear from them after the long wait! I'm excited for you!
  6. I think it really depends on the person. I have extremely curly hair so a low bun or low pony tail is ideal for me. I think as long as your hair is not in your face and you aren't tempted to fidget with it throughout your interview, whatever style you choose would be fine. The main thing is that you don't want your hair to be distracting - to you or the admissions committee.
  7. Congratulations everyone!! Also, thank you so much for posting the timeline for your application - it helps keep hope alive for those of us that are still waiting to hear back. Good luck to all!
  8. I was also invited to interview on August 28th! It does seem as though it’s pretty much a group setup. I look forward to meeting everyone!
  9. Congratulations you guys!! Here’s to all of your hard work paying off!
  10. You guys made me all nervous posting on here! I also haven't heard anything. Part of me wonders if they are going to wait to see how the timing of the online interviews for this first round works out. Granted, I have NO supporting information for this thought, just pure speculation. I imagine it's harder to interview 30 people in one day online than it is in person like they have done in previous years.
  11. Congratulations! I’m still playing the wait game and hoping no news is good news. But your follow-up gives me hope! Good luck on your interview!!
  12. I called the 800 number on the PA program’s website.
  13. I also haven’t heard anything. But we can hang on to the hopefulness associated with no news is good news! That’s what is carrying me along. A PA I shadowed is an alum and she might as well have been a recruiter for them. After looking into it further, I’m convinced Campbell is where I want to be. So for now, I’m going to find comfort in no news is good news. That said, I am truly excited for those who are getting a chance to interview with this program! Make sure to check back in to let us know how it goes - we’re rooting for you!
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