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  1. I applied last cycle more for practice since I am still finishing undergrad, but when I did I never attached a cover letter. I also heard that a resume should be 1-2 pages and catered to specific work and experiences for PA school. I.e. if you worked at chik-fil-a your senior year of high school you don't need to include it. A CV includes every work and experience. In that case would it be better to apply with a resume only? Especially if application reviewers are only looking at it briefly.
  2. I understand it happened a long time ago and do not know the full story or details. I didn't post false information and provided sources. I spoke to a buddy who attends the pharm school and has had him as a professor. He told me he's gotten weird vibes, but it could also be that he got a poor grade in his class and is bitter I understand mistakes happen, but I hope they use it as a teaching point to a group of future providers of what NOT to do when working. That would be a respectable way to take a negative experience and turn it into a positive. I don't mean to judge the program with just this one fact, but I'm human and I judge and I think it irked me most that it's a Christian institution with a leader who's made a mistake like this (lets be real, inappropriate relations with a patient? a PA could never get a "slap on the wrist" for that, physicians have the power to). Maybe it is wrong of me to put more religious institutions on a pedestal and thats my fault, but it makes it so much worse and thats an opinion I am entitled to. Again, if they use it as a learning opportunity to teach students right from wrong that's great. Good luck to you, PA school is a big achievement! I hope to go to an open house for their program to see it for myself.
  3. https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/dar/DAR_May_2010.pdf It says license placed on probation on page 3. Regardless, a medical license was compromised so I am wondering how that comes into play with the reputation of the program since that is still a big deal with having medical practices being monitored. But obviously I don't know the full story, so if you do have further information please shed some light if it adds any impact to the program since you are a student there.
  4. The rest of your application can be sent out and then at the end of the GRE you will need to put in the school codes of where you applied to ensure that your score will be sent (or else there's a charge fee for every school you need to send it to). I think it's easier to just get it done prior to 4/25 that way even if you need to retake it in May you have the chance to do so! Good luck!
  5. I would never want to post false information, I was genuinely concerned. I found it here: https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/health/documents/ME011215.pdf page 5 under "section 3. OGC/Disciplinary Business". I mean the information is out there for any one in the state of TN since its an obligation for the medical board review to post publicly about any issues with practicing providers.
  6. My friend in lipscomb's pharmacy program told me to google the program director of the PA program and found out that his medical license was on probation due to inappropriate relationships with patients as well as for inappropriate prescribing. Is this detrimental to the values and reputation of the program? I'm applying this cycle and from TN so I've been doing research on all schools in the area.
  7. Considering that some schools are requiring the PA-CAT do you think it's worth it to retake the GRE? I think your score is more than competitive enough.
  8. I've been looking for a PA to shadow in Atlanta area too, but no luck
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