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  1. I am waiting as well. Hopefully someone comments when they receive it so we have some sort of a timeline.
  2. To everyone that got accepted, what were your two choices? For those that are on hold, don't lose hope! Good luck. For those that have been rejected, do not be discouraged. You will go exactly where you're meant to be.
  3. I will be interviewing on Monday buut at 1PM. Good luck to you and everyone else.
  4. Is anyone else waiting from the "waitlist for interview"?
  5. Good luck everyone. Hoping for an email this week.
  6. Anyone else waiting from the interview wait list?
  7. Good luck! Do any of you now if there's a contact person email/phone number we can reach out to while waiting?
  8. From what I researched, I believe they take 36 for the Lock Haven campus and 12 each for the 3 satellite campuses.
  9. Congrats both! I was verified on 06/30, so hoping for the best in the next week or so!
  10. I did this as well on 7/26 and on 7/30 I got an email saying my application is under review.
  11. Thanks for finding that. Can't wait to get a response.
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