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  1. Hey everyone! I’ve already contacted some but I don’t want to miss anyone..for those of us interviewing on dec 17, I’ve put together a zoom call that everyone is invited to on Dec 13, 7:30pm EST. Message me if you haven’t already gotten the zoom ID and passcode! Looking forward to meeting you all
  2. Also interviewing dec 17!!! So excited Would anyone on that date want to zoom meet before then? I did that with some people for a different school’s interview and it helped significantly for my nerves and confidence during the actual day. Just nice seeing some familiar faces on the big day !
  3. All they said was if a seat becomes available, it is offered to the highest qualified applicant on the list at that time. I can't imagine they could tell you where you are on the list considering it could change as new people are added. I also don't know what qualities rank you higher or lower on the list.
  4. Got waitlisted today after interviewing last wednesday! (8/12) As far as I know, all interviews moving forward are for waitlist spots however we were told that about 40 people of their 60 person waitlist last year were offered a seat. We were also told that their current waitlist has 15 applicants on it. Apparently the "best applicant" on the current waitlist is offered the seat if that time comes and it is not based on who was added first! Additionally you can get pulled off the waitlist to be offered a seat at any point from the day you're added up until the week before classes. Just wanted to share this info! Stay hopeful everyone and good luck!! Also, and I can only speak for my experience, but the entire process for me was very pleasant. The interview day was well done and I loved my 2 interviewers. All of the other interviewees were also super friendly and we had great conversation all day.
  5. I believe this program is non-rolling. If I could offer some advice (don't know if its good or not), but I would wait on the non-rolling schools until you HAVE to apply to meet the deadline. Maybe this is wrong but personally I applied to 13 schools all in May, and 5 were non-rolling. Since then I have been accepted into one and interviewed and waiting on the decision of another. These are both January start dates so I will be pulling most of my applications from the other schools. In the case of my non-rolling schools, I am pulling my app before they even look at it, ugh. I am over the moon happy with my acceptance but wished I saved some money by waiting to apply to the non-rolling schools. Again, just my two cents
  6. Hi everyone! Just to share, I also interviewed friday the 17th and was accepted same day. So far in the facebook group its just myself, mackenzie, and the moderator
  7. Just got an interview invite via email! They received my full app June 4th and my interview is 7/17
  8. Starting a thread for this cycle! Good luck everyone!!
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