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  1. Also received an invite today to interview on 4/20 for East Falls. Will be declining since I already committed elsewhere but good luck to everyone else still waiting!
  2. It was a difficult decision since High Point is an amazing program but I gave up my seat to attend another program. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist!
  3. I did get the email and sent my response to stay on the waitlist at the time
  4. Not sure exactly what time classes would start but would be happy to help if you are searching for places to reasonably live. I'm from the area so I am pretty familiar with commute times and such. I live about 30 minutes from campus, near Center City Philadelphia and would be staying in my current apartment since I do love the space and don't want to deal with moving. You may want to be as close as you can if you want to cut down on your commute and sleep more.
  5. Was placed on the waitlist for Glenside back in August and just received an email yesterday that I was accepted off the waitlist!
  6. Congrats on the interview! Duke is an amazing program but honestly wasn't one of my top choices until the interview. I received a few acceptances including one of my top choices but I'm still hoping to get pulled from the waitlist for Duke because it was my favorite interview by far. My interview was a lot more relaxed than I expected and Duke definitely felt like the best fit for me after the interview. Best tip is easier said than done but just relax and don't let the prestige of Duke get into your head since they already liked your enough on paper to offer an interview.
  7. Gave up my interview spot for 12/1 (Hendersonville) as I accepted a seat at another program. Was initially offered 12/1 or 12/15 and they mentioned more dates in the Spring so I am assuming they will be interviewing well into January and February at least. Good luck to all!
  8. Congrats to all who were accepted! Just received an email that I was waitlisted after my interview on 11/11. Crossing my fingers for all of us waitlisters
  9. Ughh...same! I interviewed last Wednesday and it seems every night right as I'm trying to sleep, I think of something new that sounds stupid to me in hindsight!
  10. Received my acceptance call yesterday! Interviewed on 11/4. So excited since I am very impressed with their program and facilities. Also impressed that they took the time to call me for the interview and acceptance. Good luck to all of those still waiting!
  11. The comments about clinical sites put a bit of a damper on my excitement but just paid my deposit with confidence. LHU has always been tied as my top choice for the exact reasons you mentioned. I've been seeing posts online about how PA schools are struggling with clinical sites because of Covid to the point that some students are suing their schools. The uncertainties around Covid also push me more towards a more affordable program.
  12. Haven't heard anything yet either. I applied at the end of June and received the email about them using Spark Hire for the process but nothing since.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I received my app under review email the same day as you but haven't heard anything from them yet. Figured I'm just waiting for my rejection email since many people who applied later have already been interviewed/accepted. Good luck with the rest of your apps!
  14. Sorry to hear that but hope you find a good fit elsewhere! Do you mind sharing when you submitted your app and if you received an interview?
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