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  1. Hi all! I interviewed 2/2 and reading all these recent posts finally made me want to share that I had a lot of situational questions too which REALLY threw me off because so many current students told me the interview last year was “chill”, short, and traditional!! I was really excited by the program beforehand but the interview process was bit of a let down. I’m lowkey kind of glad to see some people agree now lol
  2. Nothing yet and interviewed 1/26! Haven't seen anyone that interviewed on that date accepted based on this forum. Maybe there's still hope? At this point I'd be overjoyed from even being in the alternate list.
  3. I believe 1/26 is the last interview. We were told we should hear back within a week!
  4. Got the follow-up email to RVSP for the 2/6 interview today. I'm sure they'll be sending out more invitations as people decline!
  5. Don't see a follow-up email in my spam folder... As for the official invite, it was in my main inbox
  6. I didn't respond because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to or not lol. I'm waiting for the follow up email!
  7. Thanks for sharing! That makes me feel a little better. The post-interview rejections totally eat away at my soul lol I need to stop putting myself down
  8. I was placed on interview waitlist on Dec 22nd, 1pm if that helps lol. And you’re right I need to keep looking forward! Thank you for the insight and words of encouragement!! Interviewing at MBKU really sounds like an amazing experience and I can only hope to speak about my experiences with the confidence you have to stand out. It’s been months since those last interviews and I’ve done SO MUCH self-reflection and practice since then to improve..but self-doubt can definitely linger. Regardless, I really appreciate the positive energy! And congrats on your acceptance! I would be livin it up.
  9. Got off the interview waitlist today and scheduled for Jan 26th. Soo excited but also nervous because of my prior waitlist position and having a late interview date. Any words of encouragement or advice would be appreciated! MBKU has always been my dream program but I honestly gave up hope after the interview waitlist notification and I'm suffering from some low-esteem after two previous post-interview rejections (though I've improved a lot since then!).
  10. @benyonce Hello! Sorry for the delayed response. I received an email with the date and time of my interview on 12/30/20
  11. Just invited for interview this morning! Email said interviews will be held in February over Zoom
  12. I called an admissions counselor regarding an issue on my online application and she mentioned their first interview day would be October 9th! I haven't heard back regarding an interview myself, but I imagine interview invites should be sent out pretty soon if that's the case.
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