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  1. I have worked at a nursing home as a CNA (PRN) for over a year and could ask an LPN or RN (one of my charge nurses) for a LOR. It is more difficult for me to get a LOR here because of all the nurses that have come and gone. Many coworkers I worked with for over a year have left the facility, so the charge nurses I could ask haven’t known me as long. I have also been an intern at a facility teaching painting classes for adults with learning and intellectual disabilities for almost a year and work closely with my supervisor. I am undecided which to choose or if I should simply ask both and have a total of 4 LOR.
  2. Hi! I'm looking to get advice or any tips for improvement based off the stats that I will have when I apply this cycle. 3.6 CGPA - 3.4 SGPA - 1100 PCE - 80 HCE - 75 Shadowing - 325 Volunteer - GRE (I am taking soon) - 3 leadership positions
  3. I took Substance Use and Abuse which is classified as a Kinesiology class. I am also taking Research Methods in Kinesiology. Would these two classes count under the science GPA for CASPA?
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