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  1. OMG I feel so blessed to get an interview invite! I went ahead and scheduled mine for the 7/17. Congrats to those who also got an invite and good luck to everyone still waiting!
  2. For anyone who applied in previous cycles, do they let you know what score you received based on their point system and what score warrants the first wave, second wave, etc.? It is my understanding that some programs are transparent about applicant scores/rank. Good luck to everyone btw!
  3. Hopefully you hear back from them soon! When did you submit and when did you get invited to interview?
  4. I submitted fairly late too (beginning of August) and have not heard anything yet (not even a confirmation email). I'm wondering whether or not the class is already filled...
  5. Thanks for response. Did you just expand on what you described in CASPA? And did you end up using all the characters allowed?
  6. Hi everyone, I just got my invite to submit the supplemental. Under the 'TUN Supplemental Questions,' did you just fill out the technical standards form or did you reiterate your experiences, awards, etc.? The email instructions say to complete the technical standards section but do not mention anything about filling out the experiences/awards section.
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