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  1. Hi @BethanyF, thank you so much for your insight and willingness to help. I'm definitely excited for my upcoming interview and getting a better idea of the program! What do you think makes University of St. Francis PA program stand out, coming from a current student perspective?
  2. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow! See you there!
  3. Hi! Do you mind posting (if comfortable) or dm'ing me the confirmation email from NJ ? I applied to all 3 campuses and only got 1 confirmation email, so I just wanted to compare. Thanks in advance!
  4. I didn't get a confirmation either, so I'm glad you posted. Maybe they'll send us more information closer to the date.
  5. I think it went well! I left with a great impression of the program and how flexible they have been with COVID and helping their students through it!
  6. It was so nice meeting everyone today at the interviews. Good luck to everyone, hopefully we will all be getting happy news within the week!
  7. Thank you for this reassurance. It's easy to get caught up in all the possible things they could ask and your reply definitely helped me calm down a bit I am glad you had such a positive experience. Congrats again!
  8. Thank you Submitted May 13th, Verified May 14th!
  9. I'm also interviewing Monday! Do you have any advice or ideas of things we should focus on?
  10. Good luck to everyone applying! Verified May 3rd, Confirmation email May 11th.
  11. Starting this thread ! Good luck to everyone! Submitted May 3rd, Supplemental questionnaire submitted same day, Verified May 13th. No confirmation email since then.
  12. Verified May 13th. Submitted supplemental before that on May 3rd. Confirmation received May 26th.
  13. Got confirmation email on Thursday May 27th. Verified May 13th, supplemental same day.
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