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  1. Oh that's wild, I didn't think they would word the emails so similarly! I'm excited for y'all though! I'll be declining my offer.
  2. Hiya! I received the same email but it actually states in the first paragraph that I have been offered a seat that will be guaranteed once I pay the deposit. It says that we have the option of visiting, tours, Q&A but this is not mandatory for acceptance.
  3. Did anyone get the official acceptance email from 9/14/21 interviews for CC? I still haven't gotten mine after I received the acceptance call.
  4. I also received an interview invite on Sept 8th and declined since I've already been accepted elsewhere.
  5. I think they were expecting 10 or 12? I couldn't tell because 2 people were running late and we kinda dispersed into breakout rooms. I didn't ask when we're expected to hear back. Maybe someone else that was there could provide insight.
  6. We were required to login at 8:45 am EST with interviews sometime between 9 -12. It was 2, 30 min sessions 1-1 with faculty. Very conversational! There was a Q&A with students 12-1 pm.
  7. Hi everyone, For those of you who received the email regarding interviews on Sept 14th, is anyone else having trouble opening the link to Box for the informational video? I am an alum and tried using my jefferson email to login, but it won't let me. I signed up for a free account and logged in, but it says the item is not longer there.
  8. I'm an alum and applied to both EF and CC campuses. I got an interview for CC only so far!
  9. The CC program is separate from the east falls/Jefferson campuses and have conducted interviews separately in previous years, according to the threads.
  10. I got an interview for Sept with nearly all classes over 7 years old!
  11. Here are the interview dates for this year. https://www.shrs.pitt.edu/PAProgram/admission/interview-process
  12. I just got my acceptance email! Thank you all so much for your help and support through this process. I will be committing and attending in Jan! I can't wait to see you all there.
  13. Thank you for updating us! I haven't gotten anything yet. Nervous!
  14. That's what I'm hoping for! According to last year's forum posts, they found out a day after the second round of interviews.
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