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  1. Hi everyone I finished my interview today and was lucky enough to get the acceptance call few hours later. For those who have been accepted is there any social media page where we can be in touch with each other?
  2. Good luck to us and every other pre. PA student .
  3. Hello ! My interview is on 08/12. Good luck to all of us
  4. We still have to wait til next month Good luck to all of us , hope we all hear good news!
  5. Hi everyone! I have received a response from the school stating that the Admission Committee is still reviewing all applications and will notify students no later than July regarding their status. The Admissions Committee is still reviewing all appl The Admissions Committee is still reviewing all applications. We will notify students no later than July regarding their application status.
  6. I have emailed the school to check if the invitations are sent out, as soon as I get a respond I will let you know!
  7. Hello I hope everyone is doing well! Any updates on the interview invitations?
  8. I thought the ones that have received the verification letters have the right admission requirements. but still they will choose the ones who have the higher qualifications. . I am not sure! It is better to email Adam mspa_admissions@csumb.edu . Hope we will hear from them very soon. Good luck!
  9. Hi ! in regards to this matter I have emailed Adam and he has responded back saying that July is the latest applicants will receive any notice on their status, and the interviews are scheduled for June. (BTW this email was on Mar 23rd). According to that info they should sent out the invitations in May I guess.
  10. As far as I know CSUMB interviews are scheduled for June hopefully by that time everything will be cleared.
  11. I have submitted on 3/20 and received the email of verification from the university on 03/23.
  12. Hello i just submitted my application today hopefully it’s not too late !!!
  13. Good luck to all who have interviews today! Can't wait to hear back from the school
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