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  1. Ugh I know, on their website it says interviews are in may and June though ...
  2. You’ll receive an email saying you passed the initial screening and are moving onto the review committee. As for the Casper I think you only have to take it if you’re invited to interview.
  3. You’ll receive several emails : 1) verification 2) if you passed initial screening or not 3) if you have been selected for interview or rejected 4) if after your interview they want to reject you or progress further hope this helps!
  4. Hi ! I saw in an interview video(from a month ago) that they start the interviews/invites within three weeks of CASPA opening. So hopefully sometime this week, or after Memorial Day weekend!
  5. Did you get an email from them saying that you passed the initial screening and were going to the next? Good luck to you !
  6. Hi ! I figured I would start a thread! Good luck everyone!
  7. The interview invitations don’t go out until May ! The application closes in April and they said they don’t review until after the application date !
  8. Hi everyone! I applied to Western in August, and I haven't heard anything back(yes (for interview) or no). Yesterday some of my colleagues received a rejection letter, and we all applied around the same time and for the most part have the same GPAs. Has any of this happened to you before?
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