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  1. Got my rejection letter in the mail on 7/3/2020...Goodluck to everyone!
  2. PCE: ~3,500 hours as EMT and MA Volunteer hours: ~750 hours Science GPA: 3.4 Overall GPA 3.2 GRE: 309
  3. They received my app on 5/19/2020. ”Second Level Evaluation” on 6/16/2020
  4. Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews? Goodluck to everyone!
  5. I also got this email, but on 6/16/2020. I am not sure what "second level evaluation" means, but I will definitely take it Keeping everyone in my prayers and sending out good vibes to all those applying!! Goodluck everyone!
  6. Congratulations!!! Do you mind sharing your stats? Thank you!!
  7. Hey everyone! Just thought I would get this thread started. Goodluck to all!
  8. I submitted my application 5/14. Verified 5/15. Can not wait to hear back!
  9. Hi everyone, Just thought I would get this thread started. Goodluck!
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