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  1. I didn't receive that email....what does it say to do?
  2. I just received the followup email from Ms. Spence verifying that my application is under review. I submitted on May 6th.... received email of acknowledgement of my application on 5/20, and then never received the followup email. So on August 10th I emailed her asking if there was any part of my application that was incomplete. Got my verification today. Email stated that interviews will begin in September, so hopefully any time now.
  3. I'm pretty sure the secondary deadlines are different for everyone depending on when you received it.
  4. If it helps, last cycle I did not receive a rejection letter in the mail until April 2020... But if I had to guess, they probably wont sent out more interview invites until they've gotten through all of their currently scheduled interviews through December.
  5. I'm so sorry for the repeat question, but I just want to be certain that I'm not missing anything. My Eagle account still states that I need to send transcripts and GRE scores. I know GRE scores will be viewed on CASPA, but I wanted to confirm that I don't need to send extra transcripts directly to the program?
  6. Oh, that's great to know! I thought online it said to sent to the school. Thanks. I submitted my CASPA yesterday, but for some reason I cannot open the FGCU graduate application. Do I have to wait to receive instructions from FGCU?
  7. I was coming here to ask about this too. I just submitted mine and it says it's missing my LORs. Has anyone emailed them yet?
  8. How are you guys going about answering the question about "Describe any circumstances that you feel might aid the admissions committee in their evaluation of your application."I dont feel like this is the appropriate place to discuss covid related stuff but maybe im wrong
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