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  1. Every two years you have to log 50 credits of Cat 1 CME and 50 of Cat 2. Did you log any? If not, I see why they want you to take it again. I don't agree with that, but I see why.
  2. Pennsylvania is a barren wasteland where most of the jobs pay horribly. (Former PA PA). Your best option is treat your first couple years like you're still in school and go elsewhere for the pay and experience, and come back when you aren't fighting 20 schools worth of new grads as a new grad. The old adage here is Location, Specialty, Pay Pick two of them
  3. Very irritating that their vote and position during a lame duck period.
  4. Completely agree, and that's exactly what makes this so upsetting. Feels completely uncharacteristic.
  5. That 53.41 for extra shifts is your straight hourly rate. You aren't getting any bonus for any extra work you do. Hard pass.
  6. Yeah, I don't see me renewing memberships to any of the professional organizations for anything other than MCP. Feels like lighting my money on fire.
  7. Yeah to echo @UGoLong's point, as long as financially you can continue looking, I would pass on this one. Sounds like a cluster. Sorry you're going through this.
  8. There's definitely something that feels a bit familiar in someone spending for a consult and completely disregarding the advice given at their own peril. Now where have I seen that before???
  9. I'm about ready to find the cheapest, easiest, online NP degree with the fewest possible clinical hours. And you guys thought that didn't have value!
  10. They can call me whatever they want as long as my paycheck clears.
  11. Oh I agree, I wouldn't ask for the days for a random vacation I want to take. But for hopefully your only wedding and honeymoon? Yeah I'm asking. If that makes me entitled, so be it. We're constantly talking about protecting ourselves from burnout on this board, but giving away your dream spring wedding sounds a lot like a way to start your career feeling sour. That's just me though. I know a lot of people would suggest moving the wedding, but it sounds important to her. I'm really just playing devil's advocate here. I completely understand where you're coming from, @Cideous. And fo
  12. I may have this all wrong, but in my mind a job that wouldn't give me a week off for my wedding and honeymoon is a place I don't want to work. If I was hiring that would be a completely reasonable request to grant. Probably just me being a millennial though
  13. First do no harm Second protect the license Nobody cares about your license except for you. Absolutely the right call
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