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  1. I live in the midwest and make about 92k, but it's orthopedics and I hate it so much (work like a scribe, lots of complainers, calls) Moving to FL because wanting to live closer to family. I tried getting up on offer but the guy was firm on it
  2. I live in the midwest too, but really wants to move to FL because of family. I make now in 92k but hate my job and my living situation.
  3. Hello all, I would need some help with this offer in family practice in FL (very saturated market and hard to get any offer to be honest). I had been trying to relocate to FL for over one year now. Family Practice location in underserved area. it is affiliated by the hospital in town. Base Salary: 80k. not negotiable at all (I tried x2, they use a system?) Bounces: based on productivity, they mentioned "The APP will receive, on a semi-annual basis, a percentage of all direct patient care net operating revenue realized by the respective CHFM clinic for charges generated by the APP, provided the APP generates professional Work Relative Value Units (WRVUs) equivalent to or greater than the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) 75th percentile for primary care APPs nationally" the percentage is 5%, with increasing every 3 years by 1% increment. CME: 1,000 after meeting target RVU except for DEA license and stuff (does not require meeting the RVU). Not negotiable also (sad face). Benefits: good dental, vision, medical plan. HRA and FSA available with employer contribution. STD and LTD covered. Malpractice insurance covered. 403b plan with 3% employer contribution after working 12 months. PTO: accuring 5.53 per pay period Thoughts? Ideas? I am afraid if I say no to this offer, I won't get one for a while. I had been applying for over a year now and without much success. this is my first offer in FL. I currently work in another state and have 9 months of experience but like mentioned their offer is not negotiable. Thank you!
  4. Hello All, Recent graduate, active FL license. looking for job in Jacksonville, FL or within 75 miles radius.
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