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  1. Congrats!!! Is there any sort of FB group or group chat for our class that you know of?
  2. I was accepted off the waitlist for the Kona campus today. I’m still shaking, I can’t believe it!
  3. That’s awesome! What brought you to HI originally? I am from Utah, with a lot of family and friends in Hawaii. I’ve been in healthcare for six years, currently working in Emergency Med.
  4. So excited! What is everyone’s background? Would love to setup a zoom session beforehand to meet you all!
  5. I also received an invite for Jan 16th. This is my dream school, I’m so thrilled! I applied for Kona and Tacoma, my email did not state a campus either.
  6. Waitlisted for Miami. I Received a rejection from my only other interview this cycle so I’m thrilled to even have a shot at matriculating! I interviewed 11/13. Does anyone know how many applicants they typically take off the waitlist?
  7. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow! Excited to meet some of you in the group interview!!!
  8. Applied 7/10 verified 7/17. Today I recieved an email stating my file was complete and moving on to faculty review. Seems a bit bizarre... Did it take four months for the photo in the supplemental application to upload lol
  9. I hope you hear back soon! I’d be happy to let you know if I hear anything about a timeline. Bear in mind that Florida is dealing with tropical storm Eta right now, I’m sure that is complicating things for the faculty.
  10. Does anyone know what time of day/how long the interview is? I’m trying to coordinate the time off of work and this info would be super helpful!!
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