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  1. Any update on the Voc Rehab? I exhausted my Post 911 on undergrad. Contacted the VA about the 12 month extension you mentioned but also curious about Voc rehab
  2. Hi Guy's, Paramedic here, creeping up on my 40s and lurking in the shadows of the forum. I've been in EMS since I was 21. I think I still have some years of 911 ground pounding ahead of me, but I'm worried my body might not be capable of doing this into my 50s and beyond. Plus, the older I get, the more likely I'll be injured on the job. My undergrad is from WA state. I have a master’s degree in public health from a foreign university in Europe that I completed on campus (QS ranked top 50). I found public health boring and went back to being a paramedic... whoops. I Look forward to subjective opinions below! 1. How old is too old to apply for PA school and will my age affect my chances positively or negatively? 2. I might passively start taking the pre-req's at a community college once I hit 40 (just in case, super cheap at the CC and good information regardless) 3. Despite my education, I'm not great at natural science. My GPA in undergrad was about 3.3 (but sciences below 3) and in my master's program was a 3.0 4. I have zero debt. Speaking strictly from a financial standpoint, I wonder if this is worth it? In a few years I'll be making over 90k as a paramedic. Yes, I'll make a lot more than that as a PA but I'll incur a lot of debt.
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