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  1. yes I'm in the same boat ! Praying I get in this time because right now I am not sure if I would be able to apply for this next cycle due to at home circumstances.
  2. when you called did they sound hopeful? such as giving reassurance or pretty much start looking at other options?
  3. Has anyone else gotten acceptances off the waitlist ?
  4. Hopefully we will hear something this week ! The wait is killing me !
  5. I don't think they are specifically answering people off the waitlist. I had emailed last month and did not receive a response. But I do not think it would hurt your case to ask.
  6. Hey yall! has anyone gotten accepted since the email that was sent about confirming wait-listing?
  7. I'm not sure but i just saw on the UNTHSC PA story on IG that all seats are filled for this fall
  8. Me too !! Praying for us on the waitlist now !! Good job to those who got acceptances / rejections. To even get this far is an accomplishment. Keep going everyone !
  9. Sending out prayers for all of us still in the waiting period!
  10. Who else is nervously waiting for the acceptances/ rejections responses from 12/5 interviews? There was like 60 of us. I hope Im not the only one .
  11. It seems to me that they are wanting you to respond for either answer whether to remain on list or remove yourself from the waitlist.
  12. Does anyone know how to get the temporary pin ??? For loving for status of application?
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