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  1. Thank you to everyone for all the input, it was very helpful. After lots of thinking, I decided to go to school 1 and have felt really good about it! Thanks again.
  2. Thank you for the responses, Dwebb97 and GAprospect! To answer your questions Dwebb97, there is no difference in cost of living as both schools are actually in the same city. As far as rotations, both schools have said that they attempt to make all rotations within a 2-hour radius of campus unless one wants to set up their own distant rotations. Additionally, school 1 has 12 rotations that are four-weeks each, including 2 3-week electives and 1 4-week subspecialty elective. School 2 has 7 core rotations- one four-week elective, four four-week rotations, and 3 eight-week rotations (2 diff
  3. Hi there friends! I have blessed to receive offers of admission from my top two schools. I know this is a great problem to have, but I am having a difficult time deciding. I would appreciate any thoughts or input School 1: - Cheaper option- about $75,000 total in-state tuition/fees for whole program - About 2 hours from home in a major city in which I have always wanted to live - About 5 hospitals within walking distance, affiliated with teaching hospitals/well-established medical school with a great reputation - Relatively new; first class graduated in 2015.
  4. I just got the acceptance call as well!!! Enough with the doom and gloom people! Good luck to everyone still waiting, don’t lose hope
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