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  1. Received invite on Monday but I ended up declining! Hope one of you gets the interview spot instead!
  2. Received an invite to interview for Miami campus at the end of February for 03/11 but I declined. Hope one of you gets the invite instead!
  3. There is a group me! Request to join the class of 2023 Facebook group and there is a link to the group me on there. They will accept you into the group after they check you have paid your deposit. PM me if you have an questions. Congrats can’t wait to be classmates!
  4. Congrats that’s so awesome! Were you ever given your waitlist rank!? I want to gauge the waitlist movement!
  5. I asked admissions and they said Unranked and the list varies cycle to cycle with how many get pulled off
  6. Does anyone know if they release the waitlist rank?
  7. Congrats! Just curious, did your portal change?
  8. Is this program still interviewing? I haven’t seen anyone post they have interviews for this month. Just wondering as I am on the waitlist and trying to see when we can expect to know our ranking.
  9. I haven't heard anything either. I remember at the interview they said it could be 8-10 weeks but the wait is already killing me!
  10. I actually just got the email at like 730 AM PST!
  11. My heart SANK when I got that email and then opened it to see it was just a generic email. I also interviewed in August today has been exactly 3 months.
  12. So weird I am interviewing the 4th but didn’t receive the email!
  13. I think email Naisha Bible just to make sure she got your confirmation email of you confirming the interview!
  14. I am also interviewing on the 4th and on Tuesday (10/27) they sent me an email with the Zoom link.
  15. I also asked to confirm the day! This will be my 3rd interview. For my last 2 interviews I used Savannah Perry's book and found it really helpful there are tons of practice questions in it. It also walks you through how to do MMI questions which was super helpful for my last MMI Interview. I believe this interview will be MMI as well?
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