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  1. Congrats! Just curious, did your portal change?
  2. Is this program still interviewing? I haven’t seen anyone post they have interviews for this month. Just wondering as I am on the waitlist and trying to see when we can expect to know our ranking.
  3. I haven't heard anything either. I remember at the interview they said it could be 8-10 weeks but the wait is already killing me!
  4. Yes, I interviewed 8/12 and also got this email
  5. I actually just got the email at like 730 AM PST!
  6. My heart SANK when I got that email and then opened it to see it was just a generic email. I also interviewed in August today has been exactly 3 months.
  7. So weird I am interviewing the 4th but didn’t receive the email!
  8. I think email Naisha Bible just to make sure she got your confirmation email of you confirming the interview!
  9. I am also interviewing on the 4th and on Tuesday (10/27) they sent me an email with the Zoom link.
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