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  1. Thank you for the responses! Is it better to purchase an occurrence policy (~3K/year) or tail once I leave?
  2. Wondering if anyone had advise -- I have a job offer that is great besides malpractice is claims made and APPs are responsible for acquiring their own tail coverage once they leave, this is "non-negotiable." I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding what to do or experience with similar issues. I may be moving in 1-2 years as well so this might not be a "forever" position. Thanks!
  3. I am about 6 months into my ENT job (first job out of school) and my training got derailed for the last two months due to Covid 19. Due to not enough office space, the doctors want me to see patients by myself at a different office with no SP and just another ENT APP. I am really nervous about this, as this will be my first time having my own patients, and don't feel like I got appropriate training. Wondering what others think about this situation? Thanks
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