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  1. CASPA submitted 5/18 Verified 5/18 Confirmation email from Midwestern 5/27 Good luck everyone!
  2. CASPer taken 5/7 Submitted 5/18 Verified 5/18 Confirmation email from Stanford received 5/25
  3. I was verified late in the day of 5/18 and took CASPer 5/7 and haven't gotten a confirmation email yet either
  4. Application materials submitted 5/18 Verified 5/18 (about 15 hours after submitting) Email from USC confirming that my application is complete and ready to be reviewed: 5/21 My first time applying! Good luck everyone!
  5. There's actually no separate supplemental/secondary application for Western U anymore, starting this cycle! Everything to apply for the program is all on CASPA now because they said their secondary application in previous cycles was stuff that could be done through CASPA. This has been confirmed through their live chat on their website and at a webinar they had a few days ago.
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