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  1. I just interviewed yesterday as well. Hopefully we will all hear good news about the second round of interviews this week! Has anyone sent thank you emails post-interviews? I can't seem to find any faculty members' emails on the website. Thanks!
  2. Received an interview invite for January 30! Submitted mid-May. Congrats to everyone who has gotten interviews so far!
  3. For those who are interviewing but living in areas with Pacific Standard Time (PST): just to confirm, we would log in at 6:45-6:55am for a 7am start time, correct? Since Arizona doesn't participate in Daylight Savings and they are MST , so they are now 1 hour ahead of us? For example, I'm interviewing on the November 9 date and they list it as an 8am start time, but in PST that would be 7am. Just looking to confirm to make sure I log on at the right time. Thank you in advance!
  4. I also got an invite towards the end of last week and will be interviewing on 11/9! Can't wait to virtually meet everyone! Good luck and congrats to those who have been accepted
  5. I emailed Tara as well. I received that same email at first after asking for feedback but I emailed back again asking for more simply the reason for the admissions decision and that's when she mentioned for specific things from my application. I think if you keep it short, simple, and professional (instead of asking for generic feedback) they'd be willing to help!
  6. I was under the impression that everyone who meets the minimum requirements would pass the initial screening as well, but I don't think that's true. I did not get an initial screening email before receiving the rejection, so I emailed them back asking about it and they said my PCE hours (although it was over 1000) was too low compared to the applicant pool so I did not pass the initial screening. They said that was the main reason I did not pass it and also suggested more volunteer hours could make me more competitive too. GPA was not mentioned because mine is over 3.5 so I don't believe GPA w
  7. CASPA submitted and verified 7/9 Received application confirmation 7/10 Rejected, no interview 7/14 (I met the minimum requirements and had over 1,000 PCE hours but still too low compared to the applicant pool so I unfortunately did not pass the initial screening) Good luck and congrats to everyone who received interviews!
  8. I attended the info session today and while no one specifically asked that question, they did touch on how they would go through applications and they were basically describing the GPA tier system so it sounds like they will be using it again this cycle.
  9. CASPA submitted 5/21, verified 5/22, UCD confirmation email 6/15! Good luck everyone
  10. I submitted 5/18 but looking at the past couple years' cycles, most people didn't hear anything until around August.
  11. For the supplemental question about the core values, it asks to list the core values in order of importance. Did you list all 7 core values, in order of importance or only list the core values you talk about (in your answer) in order of importance? Thanks!
  12. CASPA submitted 5/18 Verified 5/18 Confirmation email from Midwestern 5/27 Good luck everyone!
  13. CASPer taken 5/7 Submitted 5/18 Verified 5/18 Confirmation email from Stanford received 5/25
  14. I was verified late in the day of 5/18 and took CASPer 5/7 and haven't gotten a confirmation email yet either
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