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  1. Phone call, email is coming later apparently
  2. Finally got my interview! Thank goodness I’ve been so anxious of the wait!! Good luck to everyone else!
  3. Yup, Mine still says pending as well. Wish they would let us know something
  4. Anyone heard from Dobey? This wait is ridiculous lol
  5. I interviewed with Mr. Dobey and haven’t heard anything. I don’t know what the person earlier was talking about when they said they were accepted because it seems based on the replies that nobody received information today. Or perhaps Yozzo was only one. I don’t know why they didn’t give info in some form (website/ call/ email) but I guess we will find out tomorrow. Either way, disappointed that they didn’t give information today like they said they would interview day. OU- Tulsa PA has known since Friday.
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