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  1. I think everyone that was on the border of getting an interview and was rejected got sent this email. If your goal is PA and it'll get in the way, then dont waste time. However that being said think about your career in the long run. Having a MPH alongside being a PA sets you up for leadership roles. So if you can do the MPH and get into PA school soon after I think its not a bad idea. Only if it doesnt overlap
  2. Congratulations!!! When was your application forwarded to the admissions committee??
  3. Congratulatuons!!! When was your application forwarded to the admissions office?
  4. Anyone know of anybody that has gotten into this program with a non competitive gpa. Like less than a 3.5gpa? And if so, what was it about their application that stood out so much?
  5. how was the course? easy A? self taught? I think i may do this myself
  6. Wow. Thats great. You submitted at a good time. First time applicant?
  7. When did you submit your application? When were you notified?
  8. So people theoretically should have been already notified for an interview date? Anybody else then.........
  9. Email them, I think they are willing to work with each and every candidate. I needed to submit proof a registration for a pending prerequisite, and registrar office at my college was very late with posting it in my account which resulted in me not meeting the deadline. I emailed them with my issue and they gave me an extension to submit proof of registration and it worked out just fine.
  10. Was there anyone in your class that was "conditionally admitted" while finishing up pending prerequisites?
  11. I reached the maximum character limits for the why you want to be a physician assistant question and the how was your patient care experience relevant question. Everything else very minimal
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