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  1. For those of you interviewing in the future, just wanted to put your mind at ease! I’ve been through a few interviews now and this was one of my favorites. The interviewers were so kind, personable, and chatting with them was a really a great experience. It wasn’t anxiety-provoking or rigid at all Good luck!
  2. Received an e-mail this morning! Interviewing 12/17 Congratulations, everyone! Wishing you all the best on your PA journey!
  3. Received a phone call this morning! Accepted! Wishing everyone the very best on their journey to becoming PA’s!
  4. Hi! I believe you should have received an email with zoom links and a tentative timeline for the interview day if you didn’t, I would contact Laurie Kuhn! Just to be safe!
  5. Thank you so much for your input! Still have some hope then Good luck to you too!
  6. Oh wow! So all of the acceptances are complete now? I wasn't aware decisions would be made so soon and they were all sent out this morning...? Bummer. Congratulations and best wishes to everyone accepted! Ya'll will do great!
  7. I don't think it is necessary but it doesn't hurt to bring it along either Whatever makes you feel comfortable!
  8. Hello everyone! I interviewed at Samuel Merritt University this past weekend (1/18) and I can honestly say that SMU's program is now my top choice after meeting the incredibly kind and personable current students and staff. This program seems excellent. Upcoming interviewees, you guys are in for a treat! It's definitely normal to be nervous. Trust me, I was extremely nervous (voice shaking A LOT) but it's a very relaxed process and they just want to get to know YOU. So be yourself and enjoy the experience!
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