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  1. Hey everybody good luck on tomorrow’s interview. Would you please mind sharing your experience and the timeline of the virtual interview. Also when and how did you receive your writing prompt. My interview is next week and I haven’t received anything in regards to the schedule or the writing prompt. Please keep me posted and best of luck tomorrow
  2. I too have an interview this Friday but I got an email saying that it is cancelled due to the virus and school will be closed until 03/27 they will reschedule once they return. So I’m assuming no interviews until mid April at least
  3. Hey just received an email with to available interview dates in March I applied in January. Can anyone give any insight on the interview? How long did it take? What was the style? Any odd questions or mostly all traditional? Any tour given?
  4. Hey guys, I submitted my application 8/29 verified and submitted secondary application 09/06 Heard back in Early February for an interview. Went to the interview 02/25 and got acceptance letter via portal on 02/27 and official letter in the mail 02/28. Don’t lose hope you never know what they are looking for. I truly didn’t think I was even going to get an invite as I know people who submitted later after me got interviews in December and acceptance in January. I also didn’t expect to hear back so soon from them (but was super excited). Can’t wait to meet my fellow classmates. Good luck
  5. Can anybody give any in sight of what to expect during the interview ? Greatly appreciate it! And did anybody send out thank you emails or notes to the interviewers?
  6. Hey guys just wanted to see if anybody heard anything back from the 02/21 interview? Also wanted to know did anybody send out thank you notes or emails to the interviewers?
  7. Received an email with 3 Available dates for the interview process in February. Can anybody give any in sight of what to expect during the interview ? Greatly appreciate it! Also does anybody know how many seats are left available or how many got accepted to the the program?
  8. I just called the admissions office and they stated that my “application is still under review” and that the class is not filled yet and the interview process is still going. They also stated that they hit about 3,000 applicants this cycle. Unfortunately, that’s all they told me and I still haven’t heard anything back In regards scoring an interview. Hopefully there is still a chanceHope this gives you some type of guidance/relief.
  9. That’s awesome thank you so much for the advice! I greatly appreciate it. Can you share any advice you may have for interview day. Also on interview day did you have to take some sort of exam or write an essay?
  10. I applied to bay shore and Manhattan and haven’t heard back from either. Anybody got interview invites to either of these locations?
  11. Thank you for your feedback. I actually have an interview coming up with them on 02/21 and was wondering if they even had any seats available. Do you know what’s the total of accepted students so far (that way I can try and figure out of any seats are still available)
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