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  1. I’m sure anxious to hear too!! It’s so frustrating because last year invites were all ready sent out at this time, but the portal also went out earlier too so I am trying to stay sane. Hopefully soon.
  2. Hey guys I have not received a confirmation email yet but I did email them to see if they received my application and they said that they had and that interviews will be happening virtually and in person starting in September!! No word on when they will be sent out or when confirmation will be sent out but at least a little information on moving things along. Good luck everyone!
  3. Thanks for sharing! Am I correct that they don’t require the GRE?
  4. Anyone receive confirmation yet? Only school I haven’t gotten a confirmation email from.
  5. Thank you for the update! Wondering if I should reach out. I assume they do rejections on a rolling basis too, so since I’m in the dark I’m not sure what to think.
  6. Has anyone gotten an email recently about their application being passed on for faculty review? My application was marked complete on June 19th and I haven’t heard back from them so I’m wondering if I am already out of the running?
  7. Hey, I have the same thing! Everything was green yesterday but now it’s all red. Must be a system error. Hopefully they can fix it soon.
  8. Hey guys just found this thread! I got an email that my application was received on July 9th as well, hoping we get interview invites soon!
  9. Hey guys wondering if anyone has heard any news on future interviews?
  10. Any interview invites? Looks like the other campuses have sent out invites already.
  11. Me too!! I emailed back right away, glad to know it’s not just me and must be a problem with their system. I was able to do the technical standards but not get in to pay.
  12. Awesome guess we will all wait and see! Thank you! I’ll try to relax a bit more now
  13. Has anyone thought about contacting them regarding the letter of recs? I have 5 in on caspa and I want to make sure that the ones uploaded on the portal cover the requirements. I am debating calling and asking or just assuming they picked the right ones.
  14. Congratulations! When did you apply? And do you happen to know if your application portal has your GRE listed as recieved?
  15. In the application portal, does anyone have that their GRE score was received? Not sure if I should reach out to confirm
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