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  1. Hey congrats on your interview and thank you for the well wishes. I was wondering if she mentioned anything about future interviews or how many people they are interviewing and accepting into the program?
  2. Hi! I updated them with extra hours and it took a while to get a response , I ended up having to send a follow up email but eventually they answered and thanked for the updated and said they added it to my file!
  3. Hey guys was wondering if anyone has any ideas of how many interview dates there are / they have left?
  4. Hey I haven’t heard anything yet either but I believe they send all rejections out at once after they complete interviews, which I think go until February.
  5. Hey I am in the same boat as you! looking at last years forum I saw some people get interviews late despite early application so I am trying to stay positive but I am also loosing hope.
  6. Hey I am wondering the same thing. Submitted late may and am also trying to stay positive.
  7. Congratulations to everyone who received interviews so far, I was wondering if anyone could share stats and when you applied. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys has anyone emailed gina the interim director? Every time I try to email her, I get a response back that the email doesn’t exist. I am just trying to update my application.
  9. I believe I submitted in June as well so maybe? I wish we knew how many interview days they are doing.
  10. Hey guys I was wondering if anyone heard anything back yet, and if those who already received interviews had them yet?
  11. Hey I haven't gotten anything back yet either! loosing hope but trying to stay positive.
  12. Yeah me too, hopefully updates soon and interviews.
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