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  1. So I know they held the in person interview, did they hold the online one yet too? Just trying to gauge when maybe next invites will go out.
  2. Thank you for the information! Glad it went well for you!! Hopefully you hear back soon about acceptance and hopefully the rest of us hear back for more interviews
  3. That is a great point, and good positive way to look at it! Yeah just the waiting sucks! And I have no idea, they didn’t say but I believe an accreditation meeting or something was supposed to happen in September.. so maybe?
  4. Yeah no clue why and kinda mad they haven’t told anyone about this, because originally they said September.
  5. I emailed them and this is what i got back. “Your application is complete and ready for review but we won’t start the interview process until January.” . I don’t believe any of the other campuses are waiting that long, so this kinda sucks.
  6. Didn’t hear back from them yet, but the GA campus said “ interviews haven’t begun yet but will in the next couple weeks” , so think still waiting game for us
  7. So I emailed them and asked for update on application and they said this “ We have not begun interviews yet, but plan to within a couple weeks.” So looks like more waiting
  8. Good luck for those interviewing today! Please share any new information regarding hearing back and how fast they moving things along
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