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  1. Mine is also July 18 @ 8:30am! Hope to meet during our zoom meet and greet this weekend! I received my email with links and information regarding the interview day and group designation at 4:47pm EST today. Looks like I'll be on Group 2 that morning. More Time to stress before the first interview haha. Email was from Erin Suit if you want to double check your inbox/spam.
  2. Getting excited, but still a little anxious for the interview! So glad we get a chance to meet virtually beforehand though. Which zoom meeting did you choose? Thinking of doing the one on Friday at 7pm. I'd like to do both, but not sure if I can. Also, the email indicates that we can have a "beverage of choice". Do you think it would frowned upon if I sipped on a glass of wine? Don't want to look unprofessional or set a bad impression
  3. Hey fellow future PAs! Does anyone know how many students they are accepting this year? Not sure if it will be around 80 like last year.
  4. Did anyone sign up for July 18th at 8:30am? Not sure if we're doing any sort of group interview, but it'd be nice to chat with some of you who may be interviewing the same day just in case
  5. I received the email with the link to register at 8:01pm EST if that helps.
  6. You got this!!!! This is only my first, so I won't be completely distraught if I don't get in, but I'm hoping and praying for the best. Wishing you a successful interview that lands you a seat! You've definitely earned it
  7. Ok yay! I was hoping it wasn't a glitch. Omg I'm getting super excited now!!!! So hard to wait for the email, but I really do want to have that confirmation and satisfaction.
  8. Does anyone have the link in their personal url for an interview invite??? I'm going to wait for an email just to make sure.
  9. Thanks for the info! Just wondering if the 3rd wave will have a similar heads up. Congrats & good luck on your interview btw! Still holding onto some hope for an interview invite tomorrow
  10. Did those who received a round 2 invite see the interview link in your personal url beforehand like the first wave?
  11. Is anyone willing to share study materials you're using for study question practice? Are interview questions similar from year to year?
  12. I'll be 32 in July! Happy early birthday to you! Also switching careers. What was your first career Lauren? I was a chemist
  13. Congrats to everyone in the first wave!!! So exciting! Hoping to be in the next wave. Are any of you first time applicants?
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