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  1. You can ask your employer if you can submit mileage reimbursement to them at the IRS rate, for travel clinics outside from your usual location. This has been common practices within two major hospital systems I've worked at. I deduct my usual commute of 9.5 miles when I travel to further locations. I submit mileage for all travel...whether it's 10 miles further or my usual assignment of every other week same day travel clinic of 235 miles roundtrip.
  2. 7. Complete transparency of your charges and receipts - do not let them bill under the doctor to get higher rates without the doctor having seen the patient - FRAUD, my friend I agree with all of the mentioned in this post above, but especially #7! The practice i currently work for (and am leaving!) violated #7 knowingly once i was employed. This was likely due to part greed, the other part having non-clinical people with no experience helping with billing. tThere was an MA that was promoted to help close notes and submit billing for overdue notes, but this lady has no formal training for billing/coding/healthcare laws. She came to my clinic site (I'm at a large practice with a centralized main office and I work at a separate site) and said all the APPs were leaving their notes unclosed so they could be closed under the physician for billing purpose. Both doc and APP tag team one clinic schedule, but the docs were not seeing every patient...so yes, this was fraud. Once before when she tried this when I was new, and I told her... yea no thanks, i'm a barely a new NP and I don't want to go to jail at this point in my career. the second time they tried this...they were really pushing for this sitewide with all the APPs, and I told her straight out that this was fraud, and she said she was going to have the operations administrator come talk to me. He never showed LOL. Finally, there was an unrelated lawsuit and this specific documentation issue was addressed and corrected because the practice admins realized this type of charting would not hold up in court....
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