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  1. I just got called off the waitlist!! I’m in complete shock!!
  2. Hi everyone! After much consideration, I have decided to decline my spot at Le Moyne and will be attending another program instead. I hope this opens up a spot for one of you! Best of luck and congratulations again to everyone accepted.
  3. Hi guys! Anyone know if there any housing groups/groupme’s for students starting in May? I know there are separate FB groups for MPH/PA and PA, but wanted to see if there are any groups for both! I’ll be moving from out of state and want to start looking into areas to live/roommates. Thanks!!
  4. Thank you!! & goodluck!! I interviewed on 12/10!
  5. Just received an acceptance call as well!! Ahhhh!
  6. Has anyone doing the PA program at glenside received the academic calendar for the year? Trying to get an idea of when breaks are/semesters start and end. Thanks!
  7. So excited to post on this thread! Undergrad School: B.S in Psychology, University of Louisville Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.74 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.57 (Overall sGPA: 3.73) Age at application time: 23 GRE: 307 - 155V, 152Q, 4.5 AWA Patient Care Experience: 1632 (100 as a chiropractic assistant, 1532 as a medical assistant for an orthopedic surgeon) Healthcare Experience: 540 Research: 1800 (+ psychology honors thesis) Volunteer: 117 (Girls high school volleyball & club) Extracurriculars: 1 publication, 1 poster abstract (1st autho
  8. Hi everyone! I declined my interview spot today after receiving an acceptance from another program. I hope this opens up an opportunity for one of you to interview! Best of luck!
  9. Thank you!! I haven’t found any yet, if they don’t end up making a facebook for us, let me know if you make one!
  10. Congratulations!! I’m at glenside for both programs too!!
  11. I was wondering the same thing for the dual degree program! Anyone know if there is a facebook group for the MPH/MMS accepted students?
  12. Received an acceptance for the dual degree program! My first acceptance!! I almost fainted, i’m so excited! Accepted to glenside for the PA program.
  13. I haven’t heard back yet either! Hopefully we’ll find out soon.
  14. I was told 2-3 weeks, and I just hit the 2 week mark. Still no news yet, but I was told the dual degree decisions may take longer! Hopefully we’ll hear back any day now.
  15. Just interviewed as well! Good luck and hopefully we hear back soon!
  16. Just received an interview invite! Super excited!
  17. Received an interview invite today! Submitted in August
  18. I haven’t interviewed yet but I heard in previous years it was MMI. Did they send out any additional info closer to your interview date?
  19. I received this too! Do you know if they typically send essay invites after applying? I hadn’t heard anything from them in a while so I’m hoping this is good news.
  20. Received an interview invite!!! Congrats to everyone who received one as well!
  21. Hey everyone! I saw some others above post that they received an email once their application was complete. Has anyone else completed their application but not received an email about it? My application is marked as complete on the portal, but I still haven't received anything else about it since.
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