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  1. Omg I pray. I’m on the waitlist. And I’ve been literally praying for someone to cancel their interview spot (for all the right reasons of course - not wishing anything bad lol) but thank you thank you, I hope one of us hears something
  2. Congratulations, that is really amazing! I hope I’ll be in your place as well:)
  3. First of congrats on the acceptance and thank you for giving another one of us a chance!
  4. Hi! I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to get an interview this cycle, I read your comments in this posting and you seem like someone who I would’ve loved to be a classmate with! This was my first time applying to PA school, so I can’t tell you much about re-applying but I just wanted to put in my two cents about the last parts of your post because I am ROOTING for you and I want you to get into PA school. try as much as you can to improve your application, even if it looks perfect to you now, it should not a year from now. For example, your experiences should be new, and the list s
  5. I emailed them to see if we can find out our spot in the queue, I will keep everyone updated
  6. Literally. I’m from NYC, and if they say “we have a spot available tomorrow” like that would be the best thing in the world but at the same time, how can I manage that since I’m from out of state? I’ve never heard of waitlist interviews. also I would like to know what number I am in queue, but how do we get that info bc they said they will not provide individualized info feedback
  7. I also just got waitlisted for an interview. I was really counting for an interview, but I’m happy to see it wasn’t a rejection. I hope that we can make it off the waitlist!
  8. I also just received an interview invite yesterday
  9. I was invited for an interview but I respectfully declined bc I was already accepted to one of my fav programs. I hope that opens up a spot for someone else!
  10. has anyone spoken to any recent grads or current students at the school?
  11. thank you! I didn't expect to get an interview since they only offer 24 seats, but I am so shocked! I applied 06/10, passed the first line of review 09/17 and received interview invite 10/19. good luck to you, I'm rooting for you!
  12. I just received an interview invite today at 4pm good luck to everyone! I’m very excited
  13. I was also just offered an interview for oct 29! Applied early june
  14. I also just got my acceptance email at 12:30! I interviewed 10/05, I can’t believe they send the responses so quick! I am so happy! Good luck to everyone
  15. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow. I am nervous but very excited. Crossing my fingers for you all and I can’t wait to see everyone!
  16. Hi! I applied June 10, and received confirmation June 10 actually.
  17. caspa received June 8 caspa verfied June 10 Franklin pierce received app June 10 passed first line review sept 17th good luck:) their deadline for sending out interviews is anytime from "November to may" so still a long time. I'm sure you will hear back soon, good luck, and let me know when you do!
  18. I just received an invite at 12 today for October 5th. I am so excited!
  19. Don’t worry. It’s not a bad sign. I applied to this school pretty late because of CASPER, so i probably got this email by random chance. But anyway, the email said: “Hello Olga, Thank you for applying to CUW’s PA program. I’m emailing to tell you about adjustments to our timeline. Due to COVID-19, we have changed our interview days from in-person to virtual. Most of the interviews will be taking place on November 7 with overflow, as needed, on November 14. Making this change has delayed the notification of invitation to interview. In the past, we wanted to get the invitations o
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