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  1. I also just received an interview invite yesterday
  2. I was invited for an interview but I respectfully declined bc I was already accepted to one of my fav programs. I hope that opens up a spot for someone else!
  3. has anyone spoken to any recent grads or current students at the school?
  4. thank you! I didn't expect to get an interview since they only offer 24 seats, but I am so shocked! I applied 06/10, passed the first line of review 09/17 and received interview invite 10/19. good luck to you, I'm rooting for you!
  5. I just received an interview invite today at 4pm good luck to everyone! I’m very excited
  6. I was also just offered an interview for oct 29! Applied early june
  7. I also just got my acceptance email at 12:30! I interviewed 10/05, I can’t believe they send the responses so quick! I am so happy! Good luck to everyone
  8. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow. I am nervous but very excited. Crossing my fingers for you all and I can’t wait to see everyone!
  9. Hi! I applied June 10, and received confirmation June 10 actually.
  10. caspa received June 8 caspa verfied June 10 Franklin pierce received app June 10 passed first line review sept 17th good luck:) their deadline for sending out interviews is anytime from "November to may" so still a long time. I'm sure you will hear back soon, good luck, and let me know when you do!
  11. I just received an invite at 12 today for October 5th. I am so excited!
  12. Don’t worry. It’s not a bad sign. I applied to this school pretty late because of CASPER, so i probably got this email by random chance. But anyway, the email said: “Hello Olga, Thank you for applying to CUW’s PA program. I’m emailing to tell you about adjustments to our timeline. Due to COVID-19, we have changed our interview days from in-person to virtual. Most of the interviews will be taking place on November 7 with overflow, as needed, on November 14. Making this change has delayed the notification of invitation to interview. In the past, we wanted to get the invitations out as soon as possible to allow for time to make travel arrangements. Since travel arrangements will not be needed this year, we are taking the extra time to concentrate on creating a virtual interview day that allows applicants to get an authentic feel for our program and institution as well as allow you the best opportunity to showcase yourself and skills in an interview over zoom. We are still in the process of reviewing applications and plan to email invitations around the first of October. I appreciate your continued patience as we make the necessary adjustments.”
  13. Just got their timeline change email. Guess we’ll have to wait until October 1st:( I hate waiting. I have to work on my patience lol
  14. Just received an email saying that I passed first base-line review, and will receive an email “either inviting me for one of the interview sessions, or letting me know that my application is no longer being considered” crossing my fingers I get an interview, I really like this program! everyone else also get this email?
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