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  1. Omg I pray. I’m on the waitlist. And I’ve been literally praying for someone to cancel their interview spot (for all the right reasons of course - not wishing anything bad lol) but thank you thank you, I hope one of us hears something
  2. Congratulations, that is really amazing! I hope I’ll be in your place as well:)
  3. First of congrats on the acceptance and thank you for giving another one of us a chance!
  4. Hi! I’m sorry to hear that you weren’t able to get an interview this cycle, I read your comments in this posting and you seem like someone who I would’ve loved to be a classmate with! This was my first time applying to PA school, so I can’t tell you much about re-applying but I just wanted to put in my two cents about the last parts of your post because I am ROOTING for you and I want you to get into PA school. try as much as you can to improve your application, even if it looks perfect to you now, it should not a year from now. For example, your experiences should be new, and the list should grow. I wouldn’t recommend “copying and pasting”. Work on your grades (take a class you’ve never taken before, or re-take a class you didn’t do so well in), shadow more PAs, get more PCE and HCE experiences, and volunteer (I tutored little kids in the Polish Language Arts). Make yourself a brand new applicant that they HAVENT seen before, so I personally wouldn’t copy and paste everything, maybe some parts. Definitely not the personal statement and not the LORs. also, don’t give up, I know someone who tried 8 years to get into PA school, talk about dedication and dream catching! It doesn’t mean 1) you did anything wrong, 2) anything was wrong with your application, 3) you aren’t good enough. It just means some get luckier and chosen to chase their dreams before others. also are you applying to schools that fit YOU and that you fit THEM? Don’t just apply to apply - I wouldn’t apply to just 3 schools and I also wouldn’t apply to 25! I would apply to maybe ehhhh 13ish to be safe that’s what I did. Good luck, although I know you’ll be an amazing PA in the future!
  5. I emailed them to see if we can find out our spot in the queue, I will keep everyone updated
  6. Literally. I’m from NYC, and if they say “we have a spot available tomorrow” like that would be the best thing in the world but at the same time, how can I manage that since I’m from out of state? I’ve never heard of waitlist interviews. also I would like to know what number I am in queue, but how do we get that info bc they said they will not provide individualized info feedback
  7. I also just got waitlisted for an interview. I was really counting for an interview, but I’m happy to see it wasn’t a rejection. I hope that we can make it off the waitlist!
  8. I also just received an interview invite yesterday
  9. I was invited for an interview but I respectfully declined bc I was already accepted to one of my fav programs. I hope that opens up a spot for someone else!
  10. has anyone spoken to any recent grads or current students at the school?
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