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  1. I spoke to current students and there is a Fb page that is made by the second year students for each new class. I found this group on Facebook but I'm not sure if this is the official page of the class of 2022. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LeMoynePhysicianAssistant2022/
  2. I also got my acceptance call earlier today!! So happy. I'm also interested in the fb group but I don't think there is one for class of 2022 yet. Hopefully it is created soon.
  3. Hello everyone! I did not see a thread for the applications for Gannon University in Erie, PA? Has anyone applied as a post-baccalaureate student? They do have a 5 year combined bachelor's and master's program but I believe they accept a few students besides their undergraduate class.
  4. Unfortunately no, not yet. But I'm hoping for one because it seems like they still have interviews in February.
  5. Hello! Does anyone know if their interview dates are over/ if the class is full? I never heard anything from the program.
  6. Thanks! Good to know. I'm on the wait list so really hoping to get some good news before then
  7. Congratulations! Do you know what day the center city program starts? I know it's May but I'm curious what week/date
  8. Has anyone that was waitlisted been taken off? Also curious if the class if full
  9. Ready! Does anyone know anything about the group interview? Or writing sample?
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