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  1. Rejected my thoughts are with everyone who really had their hopes up for this! Keep on keeping on And good luck to those who will be interviewing.
  2. Not me checking this forum everyday.... Good luck everyone! Thought I'd check in to say still haven't heard anything and hoping for the best
  3. I just got an email about reviewing my application again for the next round of interviews in December. AKA did not get an invite for the first round. Has anyone gotten flat out rejected yet, or is the emails stating 1) that you got an interview or 2) that they will consider your application for the next round of interviews - the most definitive news so far?
  4. That’s true, those are good points. The waiting through these processes makes me think of any and all possibilities but trying to remain optimistic. Hoping for good news.
  5. Wondering if they are sending this email to everyone they plan to interview trying to make sure everything is accurate in the applicants they are interested in. I didn’t receive one
  6. I have not heard anything back yet. Others have mentioned they began to send interview invites 10/18 last year... could be similar this year but still the invite window is technically until December based off their website. *Fingers crossed*
  7. I really appreciate that UT recognizes the last 60 as important, so many students change study habits and enter more productive states by end of college career, in my opinion last 60 is a far better reflection of future capability in masters programs rather than overall. Wish you guys the best and hope we all hear great news soon!
  8. Also just commenting as a place holder. I applied to a dozen schools in CA but my fiancé just got orders to Tampa unexpectedly (we knew it could be a possibility). UT was one of my top choices and now is my #1. Really really hoping for the best. My stats are as follows: CGPA 3.2 CSGPA 3.0 (this includes 30 credits with 4.0 post Bach GPA) Last 60 credits are about a 3.7 or so Dual science degrees BA/BS 4000+ hours paid in (human) research at a hospital. Working directly with patient care teams. 300+ hours volunteering 60 hours shadowing a PA Good-
  9. Hi everyone I submitted about a week ago and received an email stating my application won't be reviewed until I have the required patient care hours. I am a clinical research assistant at a local VA, where in CASPA I logged my experiences in blocks. I would say in my average 40/hr work week I cover about 20/hr research experience, 10 hr patient care experience, 10 hr health care experience. I have been working there for 2 years - which means by January it will be about 1,120 hours of direct patient care with my calculations. Overall in my position it will be about 4,500 hours working in a hosp
  10. Hi everyone, I applied end of July and was sent a rejection letter last week. I was wondering for those who applied relatively late (mid/end of July) but who got interview invitations if you would be willing to share your stats? Yale really was my dream program and if I don't get into other programs I look forward to re-applying to Yale next year and would like to fix certain things that may have been an issue for them. Thanks! Sara
  11. Just received my rejection email as well. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Thank you! I've always dreaded admissions processes I just feel like there's so much more to us then can be said or expressed in these small allotments >.<
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for all this valuable info. I'm pretty late in applying - submitting CASPA verification this week actually, due to some online courses finishing up and transcripts being processed. Has anyone been given acceptance confirmation so far? Curious to see their timeline, I realize they've sent out a few rejections but didn't know if acceptances were also being informed. Thanks!
  14. Hello, Unfortunately I do not have a great GPA but believe I am still a good candidate to apply this cycle and am passionate in becoming a PA. Because of my lower GPA I am retaking courses, my final two courses are 8 week's through the accredited Doane University, and the end in late July. Doane has a good response team for distance education and can have transcripts sent through a certified company within one day to CASPA. So all in all, assuming I submit my application for verification end of July is this too late? I have 8 schools on my list that are self proclaimed non-rol
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