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  1. Yea, my initial ATLS was in Cheyenne, Wyoming and my second was in Charleston, SC. But I live and work in a very remote and tiny Eskimo village in Northern Alaska. So Anchorage will be easiest for me to go to when I need to do my next ATLS recertification class. Weather has a lot to do with whether we can get out of this village because we can only fly in little bush planes up here until we reach the "Big City" of Nome.......
  2. I Googled to find any ATLS courses in Alaska for 2022 but nothing came up. Anyone know of any recertification ATLS courses in Alaska in 2022?
  3. You and your wife can both work at McMurdo Station, Antarctica for a 6-month stint. Would be a cool experience. The P.A. doesn't get rich there, only around $10K/month, but you would have the experience of a lifetime. And your wife can get a general job there as well. It's on my Bucket List, maybe.......
  4. Any recommendation for a good online site to get the Pain Management CMEs and Opioid Use & Addiction CMEs? Alaska PA recertification requires at least 2 hours of these.
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