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  1. I took longer than I would have liked filling out the supplemental application, but I ended up submitting it on July 22nd.
  2. I just received one this morning and also scheduled for September 14th. It looks like they are still scheduling for the 14th and 28th.
  3. I submitted my CASPA on June 3rd and received my supplemental application on June 9th. Not sure how typical that timeline is but hopefully that eases your worries a little bit!
  4. Just got an email for an interview as well after not hearing anything for about a month. Interview dates in August were the 12th and 26th, so I’m sure there are plenty more to be given out going forward! It’s such a crazy process but just keep hangin in there everybody!
  5. Interview invite today as well and scheduled for the AM on Oct. 5th! (Oct. 5th, 12th, and 19th slots still available)
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