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  1. Yes https://www.facebook.com/groups/LKSOM.PA.2022/
  2. Wait until you get a confirmation email that your seat is locked in for that date until you make travel plans in case they change the date because that happened to me.
  3. They should respond and confirm! When i had mine I responded and confirmed and then they changed my interview date like a day later (maybe too many people confirmed for that date idk), so don’t make any travel plans yet just in case.
  4. The orientation is in May and its mandatory so I don't think they would do it as late as June! Hopefully if there are other interviews then someone will post in this. Good luck to you!!
  5. 14 days to put down a deposit! I'm not sure if there are still more interviews or if the 1/13 one was the last one, so it may be pretty soon that they start pulling. I remember she said that they latest theyll notify for waitlist is April 1st!
  6. Interviewed on 1/13 and I just got my acceptance, I can’t believe it
  7. I'll be attending that interview date as well!
  8. Yeah it did say to respond as soon as possible to secure your seat... I’m probably just overthinking it
  9. I was invited for the 1/28 interview date but then they told me they would have to reschedule me for a different date when they next one opens, maybe the spots filled before I had the chance to respond has this happened to anyone else??
  10. Hi all! I just received an email that I was being extended an interview that was about 3 weeks out from the current date. I responded around 4 hours after I received the email to accept the interview, but I received an email a couple hours later that they were going to have to reschedule and that “they would email me when another date opens up”. Has this happened to anyone else?? Should I be worried? Or do they send out more interview invites than spots that they have open for the day because they know that some people may decline? Thanks!
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