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  1. I’m an alternate and I just got a call this morning that a spot opened up, but I will most likely be declining so someone else will probably get a call.
  2. Hi, I’ve made a fb group for the class of 2023! If the link doesn’t work it was named CSM PA Class of 2023 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1281955518839149/?ref=share
  3. yes they definitely asked situational questions along with why did you choose CSM. they give time for questions at the end of interviews so I would have a few ready. i’ve learned that for situational questions, the actual example you give doesn’t matter as long as you learned something important from it. like for your conflict with a coworker question, you don’t have to have a great story but just focus on the lessons you’ve learned or how you grew from that experience. I was a little iffy about this program but I like the small class size. The faculty seem to really care and I feel
  4. got my acceptance call this morning!! they said they’ll email details first week of december along with a $150 deposit. they said id have 2 weeks from that email to accept or deny my seat
  5. They said that wouldn’t be til mid November! I’m dying as well //:
  6. Received a call Oct 14 for an interview offer. Will be interviewing through zoom on Nov 4
  7. I feel the same way about Augsburg. I asked the program director to speak about the curriculum and only received a surface level answer that was already on the website. You can read about why they are on probation on a link they provided on their website. What I got from it was that the ARC-PA had issues with how Augsburg measured student outcomes. If I had a choice I would choose the program that is not on probation as other programs have warned me to look out for the ones on probation.
  8. Just received an email that I am on the alternate list
  9. I wanted to know what you like about this program. I feel like I didn’t get enough information on this program from the interviews. I’ve read the website but I expected the interview to go over that info in more depth. Is there anything specific you like about it??
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