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  1. Turned in my seat deposit to start in August ! Waiting to be accepted into the facebook group. So excited to start school in August
  2. I declined the seat offer due to accepting in another program. Good luck to everyone :)
  3. I just received my official acceptance form! I am just confused on when we would place our seat deposit to secure it ?
  4. I just got a conditional acceptance letter ! Does anyone know how long it takes for them to verify the information ???!!
  5. I still haven’t even heard back from my interview back in September. Anyone else have ?
  6. Hi, I interviewed at the beginning of September and I have not heard back yet... The only thing they said on Oct 27 was that my application was still being considered. Is anyone else in the same situation ? I am just confused. lol
  7. Got the acceptance call this past Saturday from the 10/5 interview !!!!
  8. Are they done sending out invites for interviews? Have not heard from them at all
  9. Has anyone heard back from the 10/5 interview ? LOL .
  10. Received an invite to interview earlier today! picked 10/14!
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