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  1. Placed on alternate list. Interviewed 12/4
  2. Agreed! Based on this forum, doesn’t seem like they filled the entire class yet. Keeping the faith
  3. There’s no February interviews. Has anyone who interviewed got a rejection or waitlist email at all within this past week?
  4. Yeah I interviewed 12/4 and I haven’t heard anything as well. You’d think since we’ve been waiting the longest that they would’ve got back to us sooner.
  5. Has anyone gotten a Jan or Feb interview invite yet?
  6. Agreed! The interview flew by so quickly haha. Good luck!!
  7. I got an interview!!! I’m literally crying at work because I’m a 4th time reapplicant...never give up you guys!! I applied mid May 2020
  8. Same. Usually they respond mid-November so hopefully next week or the week after!
  9. Thank you for sharing! My GRE is around that also and I applied early May and still haven’t heard anything but gonna keep the hope alive still!
  10. I’ve heard nothing and I applied back in May. I’d rather get a rejection letter now instead of at the very end but oh well
  11. Just got the rejection email tonight. I was a third time applicant. It’s ok I’m holding my head high for other programs now. Good luck everyone!
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