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  1. Hi! So I have ben taking between 4 and 6 credit hours each semester while working a full and part time job. I try taking online lectures when possible for the flexibility and labs on a single day versus two so I am not in a classroom every night. Having limited time has really tightened up my study habits too. I try to use quizlets other people have made instead of retyping my own and supplement with Cluthcprep or Kahn Academy for topics I have trouble with versus re-reading the chapter or having to go to the school's tutor unless absolutely necessary. It is taking me about a year and a half t
  2. Hi! I highly recommend MyPABox. This service has been immensely helpful for staying organized and they have some nice tools to visualize your application. There is a million discount codes too if you google them.
  3. Hey, I have really been enjoying taking Genetics with UC Sn Diego Extension. Relatively easy on cost too.
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