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  1. Just got a email saying I did not get the second interview. Expected it since I was very nervous and did terrible on the interview. Good luck to others!
  2. I feel like I did terrible too. I felt too nervous unlike other interviews I had (this was my 8th interview as well). We'll see haha
  3. The attrition rate table is posted on their website now. https://drexel.edu/cnhp/academics/graduate/MHS-Physician-Assistant/
  4. Can anybody answer on this? Did you guys have a student panel for us to speak to current students and ask questions? Only thing we got was a recorded information session which seems to be from early interview season.
  5. For those who interviewed early in the cycle, was there a student panel or time for you guys to talk to the students? It seems like they are not having that for late interviewers.
  6. It did! So I went back and did it again. It seems like it is normally suppose to do that, and glad it wasn't only me. Hopefully, it didn't mess up anything!
  7. Hey guys, I am going to give up my seat this week, so hopefully someone hears a good news. Good luck.
  8. Just a small add, I believe Stanford covers the fee if the rotation is far.
  9. Got an invite but I likely to decline the offer. Good luck to others!
  10. Just declined my offer. Hopefully someone else gets to attend this amazing program.
  11. Congrats! I just received my call as well. Good luck to everyone else.
  12. Just received an invite!! Will be virtual and will be given dates later to choose. Good luck everyone!
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