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  1. At our hospital every employee is getting about $600 in bonus pay for working during the COVID crisis. As a hospital located in a "frontier" (yes it is apparently different from rural and better for reimbursements) county we never actually got COVID patients admitted to the hospital. Patient loads in the ER were down about 25%. As I provide 1st call 24hr coverage, there was no reduction in pay or hours. No one in the hospital had hour reductions because apparently due to our size the federal government pays the salaries of employees that would otherwise be laid off. Seems to be the key is work in small independent critical access hospitals.
  2. Living separately is not the problem. She is concerned about being a widow with 3 little kids and she has no relatives in the country. I have significant lung problems, can't even go up a couple flights of stairs without becoming short of breath.
  3. FMLA is not an option as I have only been there for 7 months. I can get out with a 2 weeks notice as I am an at-will employee rather then contract. They chose not to do a contract as I made a jump from basically a family med job with limited ER experience to doing 24hr solo coverage ER/hospitalist with doc back-up shift work. If it didn't work out, I am easy to lay off. While I would consider medicine a calling, I also have an obligation to care for my wife and 3 young kids. I also would have to say that at least personally, my wife and kids mean the world to me. Hence the dilemma. If I was single or at least without an health problems, would be a different situation.
  4. My wife does not work. We have enough savings to go probably several years if we needed. Finances is not a problem though I do have my dream job. We have PPE, but being a small hospital the PPE is not ideal. We use yellow contact gowns, oversized glasses, N95 and gloves. We are asked to reuse N95. I asked about unpaid leave and the hospital said no. So while they might change their mind if I resigned as they are always short staffed, that's not certain.
  5. Question for you PAs on the front-line or otherwise. I work ER & hospital/ICU in a small hospital. We are projected by the state to hit our peak coronavirus situation in a 3-4 weeks. My wife is demanding that I give my 2 week resignation as I fall into the CDC high risk category despite being middle age and she does not want to be a widow. We have 3 preschool or younger kids and she has no family or relatives in the country as she is an immigrant so her support system is limited. It's a huge source of conflict at the moment. What would you all do?
  6. Agreed, seems like sometimes everybody comes at once. The other day, had a really busy day with 10 pts. 8 of them came within a 3hr time period and several were admits or transfers. On the otherhand, currently 22hrs into my shift with only 3 pts so far and 2 of them were urgent care stuff.
  7. I have found that contacting hospitals directly can be helpful. The other option is to use a recruiter that specializes in critical access hospital jobs. If you don't mind western Minnesota or somewhere in North Dakota, hospitals are always hiring. At this moment, I know of numerous places looking for people in this region. I personally prefer the quieter places. Mine averages about 4-5 pts a day which means even a busy day is manageable. Some hospitals have doc back-up which is really nice but a bit harder to find. The ones with doc back-up will sometimes take someone with less experience like myself. Of course the downside is that you are in the middle of nowhere. My nearest stoplight is 75 miles away. Nearest fastfood is the same distance.
  8. I work critical access EM in rural ND. Only about 1800 pts annually. Work two 87hr shifts a month over the weekend. Physician back-up for critical cases with requirements to consult on all pts that are admitted or transferred. Before this job, worked in a rural critical access job doing about 80% mostly solo FM and 20% 2 provider ED coverage for a couple years right out of school though wasnt solo FM very much my first year. Its a great position and am very happy to be in the current situation. It seems the best EM jobs are on the great plains. A busy day is 10 pts in 24hrs. A quite day is 0-1pts and does happen on occasions.
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